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Pine and Sprout

Clothing Rack Jewelry Display Wholesale

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Jewelry Display

Clothing rack jewelry stand that includes 10 clothing hangers and space for 12 stud earrings ( 6 pairs) along the arch. The display is 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide. We designed this specifically to hold tall dangly earrings!

This item will arrive in 2 pieces and will need to be assembled upon arrival. Carefully insert the rack piece into the base. This item is laser cut from acrylic, if item becomes dusty, wipe with a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

This item is for the display & 10 earring hangers only, no earrings are included. Additional earring hangers can be purchased in sets of 10. Approximately 20 earrings hangers can fit onto the display.

This item is available in the following colors:
-clear (both arch and base)
- white (arch is white, base is clear)
- neon pink/red ( arch is neon, base is clear)
- neon green/yellow (arch is neon, base is clear)
-black (arch is black, base is black)
-iridescent (arch is iridescent, base is milky white)

Please message us with any questions or custom colors. Thank you!