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Pine and Sprout

Iridescent Real Flower Earrings

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 These stunning, one of a kind earrings, are crafted from real dried flowers on an iridescent base which catches the light beautifully. They feature real dried flowers, which add a sophisticated, nature-inspired touch, yet are surprisingly lightweight for all-day wear. They are assembled with 14kt gold filled earring hooks and good for sensitive ears. 

Style options- please note that each pair is one of a kind and may differ slightly from pictures

Style 1: White daisy + brass sunburst 

Style 2: Yellow daisy 

Style 3: Yellow pansy + brass circle 

Style 4: Pink flower + brass circle 

Style 5: White flower + brass sunburst 

Style 6: Tiny flower oval + half sun

Style 7: White daisy heart on 1 inch hoop(14 kt gold plated hoop)

Style 8: Tiny flower + abstract brass dangle 

Style 9: Brass monstera (please note this style includes no dried flowers)